Newfypoos are one of the most intelligent Standard Poodle designer breed mixes.

Training a Newfypoo

Training a dog is never easy, but Newfypoo require less work than some other breed mixes. As long as you have patience, you can overcome the challenges that Newfypoos offer during training. The things that make Newfypoos great family pets and great service dogs – their calm-nature and their sweet but stubborn dispostion, also make the training more challenging. However, their calmness and intelligence will help them learn what they need to know.

The first and most important of the Newfypoo training tips is understanding that your dog is an animal and should be treated as such. Dogs are pack animals and as the trainer, you must assert your dominance so he treats you as the alpha member of his pack. Many dog owners make the mistake of treating their dog like a person, which is always a regrettable mistake.

Training is challenging work, regardless of your breed or your individual dog’s temperament. Dog owners must understand that training is not only necessary, but it will keep your dog safe. Newfypoo have a stubborn, friendly personality that could get them into trouble. Teaching them at a young age before they grow to be full size large dog will help them lead a safer life.

The Fundamentals of Newfypoo Training Tips

Newfypoo were originally bred as a designer dog mix. Although, both the Newfoundland and Standard Poodle are working dog breeds originally and utilized in the water. Ensuring your Newfypoo gets exercise and has a job in life will help them burn off the excess energy, improving their behaviour and making it easier for them to be controlled. Once your dog has burned off his excess energy, you can manage a firm and carefully planned training session. These Newfypoo training tips will help you find success.

Basics – Begin your dog’s training with basic commands like “stay,” “sit” and “down”. Newfypoo along with all large dog breeds are prone to problems with their hips, so the earlier they learn to sit calmly and not jump, the longer their hips will stay healthy. Newfypoo are also large dogs, so it is important they know not to jump on people because they can cause injury.

Quick Sessions – Newfypoo puppies have relatively short attention spans, so keep your training sessions short. Five minutes is usually a reasonable amount of time for a session. You can do a few sessions per day, as long as you keep them brief.

Rewards – Another one of the important Newfypoo training tips is rewarding your dog when they accomplish a task. Newfypoos love pleasing their master but respond best to a stern voice and are sensitive to the tone of their owners. Consistent communication will reinforce any good behaviours and encourage the dog to repeat it.

Training a Newfypoo is a challenging, but rewarding experience. Stick to your training plan and do not give in when your dog tests you. Results will happen quickly and your dog will begin to behave.

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