How should I feed a Newfypoo?

Large breed puppy food is recommended up until 10 months. Wet and dry food mix is recommended up until 4 months. Dry food only diet is acceptable after 4 months. Newypoos should be feed 2-3 times a day due to poodles being prone to bloat. Newfypoos do not require more food than most large breeds. Adult dogs can be feed 3-3.5 total cups of high quality food a day. Human food should never been given to a Newfypoo.

I have a newfypoo who is 15months old and she won’t eat for long spells , I’ve tried every dog food goin , can any body help me to encourage my little girl to eat please , at my Whittaker end?

We had the same problem. Two things were occurring for us, our dog was stealing mulch at daycare and snacking on this every few days causing a toxicity and blockage in his system. And he didn’t like his new food. We switched day cares and supervised him strictly outdoors plus switched to biljac food known for flavor.

I have a wonderful 10 1/2 week old newfypoo, Oliver. He is training very easily with basic commands and responds well to treats and praise, but is out of control with biting and snapping at me. I make sure he gets plenty of exercise and all of his needs are met, play with him several times a day (fetch, tug of war). The only thing I can see missing is romping with other puppies. We will begin puppy socials after the holidays when they resume.
What is the best way to handle the biting and snapping? He actually gets me behind the knees when I walk by at times, and often grabs my sleeve or pant leg and I have to pry his teeth off since distraction rarely works when he starts this behavior. I have also put him in “time out” if it’s very bad.
Any other suggestions?

Thank you for reaching out. Good news, you are not alone! We had the same problem with our newfypoos (and friends too) after many attempts the best success was over exaggerating the puppy hurt us bad ANY time his teeth hit skin or clothes (yelling ouch and holding your knee and being sad etc.). Even when he was playing nicely they had to learn teeth can’t touch humans. Time outs worked additionally after the we put on our best acting skills :)I do recommend dog parks and daycares for socializing too. This will help speed up the process. Be patient, our puppy was 5 months when he entirely stopped using his mouth to play. Now our newfypoo is extra slow to take treats out of hands to make sure he doesn’t  hurt anyone. Hope this helps!

Can anybody recommend a reasonably good dry large breed puppy food?  I just don’t know what to get.

I recommend Orijen large breed grain free puppy food (found nationally). It is expensive but a good option for a growing puppy. Many ween puppies to a lower quality less expensive food option.

Do Newfypoo’s drool? Are they any health issues that we need to consider?

The Newfoundland/Poodle mix does not drool. They have beards that track water when they drink but no drool typically. The same concerns with Newfoundands is common and a reason people consider the Newfoundland/Poodle mix instead. Take into account typical health issues with large breeds, such as the importance for maintaining a healthy weight. Otherwise no recording health issues at this time.


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